About Us

API7.ai is an open-source infrastructure company that empowers API management and analysis. It provides a wide range of products and solutions for microservices and real-time traffic processing, such as API Gateway, Kubernetes Ingress Controller and Service Mesh. API7.ai is committed to helping businesses drive digital transformation, enabling businesses to manage and visualize enterprise-critical traffic, to accelerate business decisions through big data and artificial intelligence.

APISIX, a top-level project donated by API7.ai to the Apache Software Foundation, is the next generation of cloud-native API gateways that provide rich traffic management functions such as load balancing, dynamic upstream, canary release, circuit breaking, authentication and authorization, and observability.

在 Apache APISIX 基础之上,提供包含:多集群管理、多工作分区、权限管理、版本管理、审计、统计报表等企业级产品,包括(API7 企业版API7 Cloud),满足企业用户的核心需求。

APISIX and API7 solutions are widely used by hundreds of companies across the internet, financial, blockchain, manufacturing, retail and IoT industries.


Our Culture

API7.ai has attracted global talents from 6 countries and 20 cities, many of whom are Apache Software Foundation members, OpenResty / Nginx core maintainers, Kubernetes members and industry experts in cloud infrastructure and security.

Our amazing people, open-minded and self-motivated, desire to change the world with technology.

API7.ai is a remote-friendly company. We welcome talents from all over the world to join us!

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